The SFEMS Berkeley Festival’s Exhibition and Marketplace takes place during the Festival, from June 7 through June 9, 2018.

The Exhibition features the work of instrument makers, publishers, retailers, performing and service organizations, and all others who provide materials, information, and support for the early music community. Check back for a list of exhibitors, which will be updated regularly between now and June.


Thursday June 7, Noon – 6:00 PM

Friday June 8, 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM

Saturday June 9, 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM

The Berkeley Festival Exhibition is FREE and open to the public with passes available at all Festival locations.

John Knox and Mears rooms of Westminster Hall
2407 Dana Street (parking map and directions)

*Due to severe fire damage at First Congregational Church and the extensive repairs still needed, the Exhibition has been moved across the street to First Presbyterian Church of Berkeley


Map of Exhibitor Tables


Affourtit Historical Bows  (B-5) 
Historical bows for violin, viola, ‘cello, viola da gamba, and double bass.

American Bach Soloists  (A-19)
Presents an array of early music recordings, performance and educational information, and instruments and sheet music for exploration.

American Recorder Society  (A-24)
Information about the ARS and the international community of recorder players, gently used sheet music

manwalk180FullRalph Ashmead – Maker of Historical Bows  (A-6)
Bows from the Baroque and Classical era for all sizes of violin and viola d’gamba families

C.P.E. Bach: The Complete Works  (A-15)
A sampling of more than 80 works published to date

Louis Bégin ARCHETIER – Bégin Bows  (A-4)
Baroque and Classical bows for the violin, viola, cellos and double-bass, and bows for treble, tenor, and bass viols

Boaz Berney – Historical Flutes   (A-21)
Renaissance, Baroque and Classical flutes

Wes Brandt – Viol Maker  (A-11)
Several viols including a 7-string bass, tenor and treble viols

Early Music America  (A-23)

Coen Engelhard – Renaissance Viol Bows  (M-11)
Bows for stringed instruments made of acacia wood with boxwood or ebony sliding frogs and locally sourced hair

Gabriela’s Baroque  (B-5)  
Baroque cellos, viols and a Baroque viola

Gamut Music, Inc.  (M-4)
On view, a 2018 violin modeled after Andrea Amati, tenor viola modeled after Amati, and Renaissance and Baroque lutes

Soren Green – Historical Clarinets  (B-1)
Historical clarinets, basset horns and chalumeaux

Andrew Hallock – Cornetti  (B-1)
Cornetti, cornettini, mute cornetti, straight cornetti, lisarden (tenors), mouthpieces, and accessories

Devin Hough   (A-16)
Bowed string instruments, made to order

LaMotte Violins  (A-5)
Baroque strings and bows

Lazar’s Early Music  (A-12, A-13)
A sampling of new and pre-owned recorders of all sizes, Lu-Mi viols and bows, shawms and

Longy School of Music of Bard College  (A-8)
Education – early music program and faculty information, school swag

The Musical Offering Classical CD Shop and Café  (B-3)
The iconic Berkeley Early Music gathering place: information about the café and the Classical CD shop

Philharmonia Baroque Orchestra and Chorale  (A-3)
Information about PBO, its upcoming season and subscriptions, branded merchandise and CD recordings

PRB Productions  (A-7)
Fine editions of early and contemporary music

Prescott Workshop  (A-1)
Hand made recorders by Thomas M. Prescott of New Hampshire

The San Francisco Early Music Society  (B-3) 
Your BFX host organization will have everything you need to know about the Festival and Exhibition on hand, including Readers, Exhibition passes, concert information, and a partnership with the Musical Offering where you can order/pick-up box lunches during the Exhibition.

Shingleton Viols  (A-17)
Handmade viol family instruments by Warren Shingleton

Scott A. Smith Violins  (A-20)
On display: two bass violas da gamba, three baroque violins, one tenor viola da gamba, and one baroque viola.

Timbre Folk and Baroque  (A-9)
Original and eclectic folk and Baroque instruments

Katrien Vandermeersch – The Studio for Violinmaking  (A-14)
Examples on display will be a 5-string violoncello, a bas de violon (Gaspar Bourbon), and a tenorviola (Guarneri)

Viola da Gamba Society of America  (A-18)
VdGSA information and membership

Voices of Music  (A-10)
Season subscriptions and tickets to the 2018/19 season, CDs and other audio formats, showcasing music videos in 4K

von Huene Workshop and The Early Music Shop of New England  (A-2) 
Fine handmade recorders and flutes