longySchoolOfMusicLogo@2xLongy School of Music of Bard College trains musicians to use their artistry to make a difference in the world, providing skills and experience to making a life in music and to making music matter. For centuries, conservatories have focused on training students to be elite performers, preparing for concert careers and orchestral positions. At Longy, we provide elite training and so much more.  While studying with some of the best musicians in the country, Longy students develop the skills needed to be a professional musician in a rapidly changing musical landscape.

Longy’s Early Music program: Historically informed performance plays a central role in Longy’s artistic and academic life. The curriculum focuses on both repertoire and research in its approach to music composed before 1800, featuring some of the most unique and thorough course offerings in early music in the United States. Our commitment to individual attention from faculty mentors, ensemble playing, and small class sizes creates a uniquely collaborative conservatory.

27 Garden St.
Cambridge, Massachusetts 02138
United States of America


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